Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Pomsky?  Pomskies have been created for several years now by mixing a Siberian Husky and a Pomeranian. The offspring produced from this mix have loving and loyal temperaments, and perfect for families. They are active, adaptable dogs that thrive on human attention, great with children, and highly intelligent. Many Pomskies have been trained or are in the process of being trained as service dogs because of their aptitude for learning and sensing what their human needs.


Why are you adding another breed into the Pomsky? We absolutely love the dogs produced from mixing the Pomeranian and the Husky. However, more is needed for AKC. And there’s a lot of benefit to adding American Eskimo to the lines. According to the AKC Judge from PomskyFest March 2019, he felt that the addition of the Eskimo added greatly to the structure lines and helped supported the “square” structure of the Husky. Many of our breeders have already decided to add the "Eskie" into their lines, but there is another choice. The German Klein (Spitz) is another breed that will be accepted in the DNA for AKC. In the interest of moving forward with this amazing breed for AKC recognition, like minded breeders have joined together to bring this breed to the next level, be recognized by the AKC.


What is the American Pomsky Kennel Club? A new Pomsky club has been created, The American Pomsky Kennel Club (APKC). This club will focus on transparency, honesty, open communication, and professionalism as we rapidly progress to making this breed internationally recognizable.


What the APKC is:


  • The first national non-profit legal kennel club with an organized pedigree database

  • Registrations and litter certificates - Approved breeding dogs will be required to have DNA tests to prove heritage

  • Sanctioned AKC judge dog shows throughout the year

  • Board members clearly publicized and elected annually (>2020)

  • Partnerships with various companies for discounts for club members (Embark, puppy packs and more)

  • Partnered with Embark to improve genetic accuracy in canine breeds

  • Quarterly public reports of accounts as a non-profit entity

  • Rescue/foster system to keep Pomskies from shelters is in the planning stages

  • Actively pursuing partnerships with training and therapy centers for specialized training


What if my Pomsky doesn't have a third breed? To be clear, this club will NOT exclude  Pomskies that do not have a third breed in their genetics. Traditional Pomsky owners and breeders are welcome. The APKC will be registering dogs with the Eskimo/Klein in them a slightly different way for the AKC book requirements. If breeders are interested in joining the APKC, but are not ready to move forward with a third breed, they are still welcome to join and register their dogs as Traditional Pomskies so that we can keep track of the pedigrees and genetics in our database.


The American Pomsky Kennel Club understands that this move may be confusing, so we warmly welcome questions and will do our best to help fellow Pomsky owners and breeders throughout this process. Our goal does not warrant the APKC being comprised of only the breeders that we have currently. We welcome other like minded breeders to join us in making this AKC dream a reality. The first 25 breeders to join will have their first year of complimentary membership in the APKC as a thank you from the APKC.

- The American Pomsky Kennel Club - Working together in unity toward AKC recognition - 

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