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Working together in unity toward AKC recognition





To achieve AKC recognition for the Pomsky breed.



Maintaining and compiling accurate records in our database to document the lineage and pedigrees of Pomskies around the world.


Affiliated with Pomskyfest.  Pomskyfest is about the celebration of the breed.  Our events are focused on Pomskies and their families, education and training, and coming together as a community. 



Our members work together toward  the common goal of achieving AKC recognition by DNA testing (Embark), accurate record keeping, and furthering the breed.


Dog shows featuring Pomskies are held around the United States throughout the year.

We are partnered with Embark, our members receive significant discounted rates on DNA tests.  DNA testing is necessary for the breed to move forward.



Welcome to the American Pomsky Kennel Club. We are a nonprofit organization (NPO) that is dedicated to furthering the Pomsky breed, with our ultimate goal being AKC recognition. As we move forward, it is important to know what the requirements are in order to qualify the Pomsky Breed as an AKC recognized breed. One of the many requirements, is to have at least three different breeds in the makeup of the Pomsky. The current makeup of the Pomsky is the Pomeranian and the Siberian Husky.


A lot of thought and research has gone into what additional breed/breeds should be added to the two foundation breeds. When considering this, the goal was to ensure that the additional breed/breeds would complement the look and temperament of the Pomsky that we have come to know and love. With this in mind, it has been decided that the American Eskimo and the German Spitz breeds would be authorized breeds to add into the designer mix. The American Eskimo, a companion dog, is a beautiful dog that is strong and agile and very loving. Always white or cream, the Eskimo is a medium sized dog with triangular ears and black points. The German Spitz are set apart by their beautiful coats that are made even more beautiful by their thick undercoats. Small, pointed ears, a fox shaped head and bright eyes gives the German Spitz a unique appearance. The German Spitz comes in a variety of colors including white, black, cream, gold, black and tan, sable, and chocolate brown.

The addition of one of these breeds will enhance the overall look and temperament of the Pomsky while allowing us to move forward with AKC recognition. Breeders who have already added one of these breeds into their existing Pomsky lines have had amazing results that have been overwhelmingly positive. The American Pomsky Kennel Club is the unification of like minded breeders who will further the breed by adding in another line.  Our breeders will always be required disclose what the genetic makeup is of their breeding dogs by providing DNA testing on all breeding dogs. This will not only provide information on the genetic makeup of the dog for breed type, it also confirms that only healthy breeding stock is being used. This will ensure a puppy purchased from an APKC breeder will not only be healthy, it will truly be a Pomsky.

We are excited for the future of the Pomsky breed and look forward to our ultimate goal of AKC recognition being realized. While this endeavor will take a large amount of perseverance, teamwork, and time; we believe it to be worthwhile.


The American Pomsky Kennel Club will primarily be on hiatus until the results of an ongoing legal issue that is currently being addressed. Minimal staffing will be present due to board member changes, and we thank you for your patience at this time. 





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