Celebrating Pomskies: "A breed like no other"

Pomskyfest, LLC is about the celebration of the breed. Our events are focused on Pomskies and their families, education and training, and coming together as a community. We are a group of Pomsky breeders and enthusiasts with a passion for creating a smaller, more manageable, Husky-looking companion.  

Our goal is to assist in the creation of this breed on an international level.  By doing this, we intend to educate worldwide, help create a breed that is consistent, and establish a solid breed standard that is accepted by the AKC.  Our purpose is to unite Pomsky breeders, owners, and other devotees at events using fun and education as a foundation.

Pomskyfest is held several times a year, throughout the United States. The events include educational workshops, dog shows, and a chance to meet with breeders and professionals who will give valuable insight on the breed.

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