APKC Breeder Code of Ethics

  • Breeders will maintain the best possible standard of care for their dogs and

       puppies. This includes proper and adequate diet, clean living conditions and
       proper vet care. Humane living conditions, including adequate space for living and exercise         are required.

  • No female will be bred prior to 12 months of age.                                                                                          

  • No male will be bred prior to 8 months of age.                                                                                                

  • Females will have a maximum of 6 litters and then they will be spayed.                                                    

  • Breeders will offer a minimum of a 1 year health guarantee on all puppies sold.

  • Puppies will be sold on a strict spay/neuter agreement unless the new owner has

       been carefully reviewed and is willing to uphold APKC breeding standards.

  • Offering puppies with open breeding rights is not authorized.

  • Breeders will only sell dogs in good health and will offer either a full refund or a

       replacement puppy if puppy has a genetic health issue of any kind within the first
       72 hours. (Barring injuries or illnesses occurring after the puppy arrives to his/her new                 home).

  • Breeders will be available for questions and concerns for the lifetime of the


  • Breeders will be honest in their dealings, disclosing all information that they have

       about a dog or pedigree, including concerns about health, temperament, or

  • Breeders agree to follow their veterinarian’s recommendations for health testing

       and vaccination, and to share those recommendations and results with anyone
       who asks.

  • Breeders will do their best to learn and grow as a breeder by studying scientific

       sources and resources available to all breeds and breeders.

  • Breeders agree to do their utmost to bring only puppies into this world who will

       have a lifetime of love, that will not end up in rescue or shelter situations.

  • Breeders agree to screen homes and make sure they are an appropriate fit for

       their puppies. In the event that one of their puppies is unable to stay in their
       original home, they will ensure that they have the puppy returned to them or are
       placed in a new responsible home.

  • Breeders will not engage in breeding for wholesale. Under no circumstances will a breeder sell a puppy through a retail pet sales outlet (ie pet store, broker), or

       third party of any sort.

  • Breeders will only use photographs of dogs that they own, have used for stud service

       or have permission to use.

  • Breeders will not speak ill of other APKC members. If a member has a concern

       with another member, that issue should be addressed to the Board of Directors.

  • Any confirmed report of animal cruelty will result in immediate club membership removal and forfeiture of all dues paid.

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